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Why should you choose an affordable SEO company?


A high ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) is vital for most small business owners. For this to happen, your website will need great SEO. It can be frustrating if you’re paying a lot of money to a major SEO agency and not seeing the results you want. If this sounds familiar, you should consider hiring an affordable SEO agency that specializes in small businesses.

Although Google have updated their SEO practices, good SEO is still important to make sure you’re visible to potential clients and customers. In this article, we’ll discuss the various ways that choosing cheap SEO services can help you save money and grow your business.

What is SEO?

Before you go ahead and hire a best SEO company for small business owners, it’s important to understand what SEO actually is and how it can help your business.

SEO refers to various techniques that can be used to optimize your website content and drive traffic towards your site. These include link building, blog commenting and using social media to attract potential customers. This helps to boost your rankings in the list of search results when a potential customer searches a keyword related to your business. Higher rankings mean more customers visiting your site and discovering what you have to offer, so it’s worth investing time and money in great SEO.

SEO encompasses a wide range of techniques, and you can work with a SEO expert for small businesses to create a package that’s affordable for you. So, SEO services aren’t just for major established brands- it’s something that even small businesses can reasonably expect to afford.

How can the best SEO company help my small business?

While there are lots of expensive SEO services out there, their services are expensive and don’t represent good value for small businesses on a budget. For this reason, it’s a good idea for small businesses to hire an affordable SEO agency. Affordable agencies can help improve your search engine result rankings while saving you money.

To give you a more detailed idea of how affordable SEO can help your small business, here are some key benefits of using this kind of service:

Good value

Small businesses simply can’t afford an enormous budget to dedicate to SEO, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it to help your business.

Low cost SEO service providers are experts in providing budget-friendly SEO services that still help to grow your small business. You could save as much as 50% if you hire affordable SEO services for your small business instead of using a more expensive company.
While it may sound strange that companies would offer such cheap white hat SEO services, the truth is that it makes sense to offer a great service for a low price because it helps them attract and keep customers. So, if you shop around you should be able to find a competitive package that doesn’t cost the earth.

Leads customers to your site

A good position in the search engine result listings means your site gets more clicks and leaves a better impression on clients. A good affordable SEO company will make sure all the content on your site is tip-top while using targeted keywords, tags and descriptions to make sure your site ranks highly for keyword phrases relevant to your business. A good company will use a mixture of on-page and off-page optimization to make sure you consistently rank highly.

A high search engine result position is important because it means more customers are likely to discover your website. More meaningful traffic to your site means more potential business, which can help grow your business and make it more profitable.

Better customer experience

A fully optimized website full of meaningful and valuable content gives your customers a great experience when they browse it and improves your brand image. If you don’t have experience, this kind of optimization is tricky to achieve yourself. A good affordable SEO service can help you make your website as user-friendly as possible.

Organic searches boost your visibility

While great social media campaigns are good for building your business, around 64% of your website hits will happen because the customer has found your site through an organic search. Good SEO makes it easier for people to discover your website in this way. It’s much more affordable for small businesses to hire a budget-friendly SEO service than it is to pay for advertising.

Makes sure your site complies with search engine rules

Search engines such as Google regularly update their guidelines. This means that your entire website will need to be scrupulously checked for non-compliance issues that could result in a penalty and damage your visibility. It’s possible that you could even be hit with a page ban, so it’s best to turn to a professional to make sure your site stays fully compliant.

Keeps your site fresh

If you don’t move with the times when it comes to website design, this can put potential customers off. It’s important that your website looks fresh and modern to give a good impression to potential clients. An affordable SEO firm will be able to keep your site updated and slick.

Creates a cohesive brand

It’s important that your site presents an accurate representation of your small business and the values you stand for. Inconsistency here can be confusing and off-putting to clients. Once you’ve made a bad impression, it can be hard to backtrack and win back business. SEO specialists can help you create and maintain a site that mirrors the most important aspects of your brand’s message.

SEO tips for small businesses

If you are planning on hiring a low-cost SEO company for your small business, it’s important to understand how best to use SEO before you part with any money. Being well-informed will help you to make better decisions when it comes to hiring an SEO professional. Here are some important tips to bear in mind when planning small business SEO strategies:

Avoid keyword stuffing

Once upon a time, keyword stuffing was a way of helping your website rank more highly. However, now it can cause you to incur a Google penalty which can seriously damage your ranking. A good SEO company will spend time researching and planning the best way to use the right keywords to get the results you want- without any penalties from search engines.

Don’t expect overnight results

Legitimate white hat SEO techniques don’t yield instant results. You need to be prepared to be patient before you get the results you’re hoping for. So, don’t give up on your chosen small business SEO company if things seem to be moving slowly. You need to allow them at least six months for their techniques to take significant effect.

Avoid overspending

A common mistake is for small businesses to plough more than they can really afford into SEO services. This leaves them with not enough money to cover their other business outgoings, which could even cause the business to fold. To avoid this, only invest what you can comfortably afford on budget SEO services when your business is starting out. You can always increase your SEO budget as your business grows and you have more funds available.

Beware black hat SEO

Some very cheap SEO services use black hat SEO techniques. They do this because these techniques are quick to apply and yield speedy results at first. However, they don’t provide success in the long-term because black hat techniques will result in search engine penalties, damaging your search engine result position and putting your business at risk.

Understand what makes a reasonable budget

You need to know what a reasonable amount to spend on small business SEO is before you hire a company. In general, it’s realistic to spend somewhere in the region of $500-$800 monthly.

How do I choose an affordable SEO company?

Before you hire, there are several things you should check to make sure you’re using a reputable and expert service. Here’s a checklist which should help you pick the best affordable SEO services for your small business.

Check the company uses white hat SEO

Understanding the difference between white hat and black hat SEO is key. As we mentioned above, black hat SEO techniques are unethical. While they may show results at first, they are a fast track way to getting your site penalized or even banned by search engines.

White hat SEO is the type of SEO that will help build your brand and direct meaningful traffic towards your site. This is done through correct use of keywords, using backlinks and other ethical methods. Ask any potential service provider whether they use white hat SEO and ask them to describe the types of strategies they use to avoid being stung.

Ask about keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to SEO rankings. It’s important to choose keywords that your potential customers are likely to search for. You should talk to the company about which keywords they will use to direct the right kind of traffic to your site. You know your business area best, so it’s a good idea to come armed with some ideas about what your clients are most likely to search for.

Enquire about progress reports

It’s important that any small business SEO company you use provides you with regular feedback about the progress of your SEO project. You need to have a clear overview of what’s being done to optimize your site and build your business. Ask the company how they give these reports and how often you can expect them. These should be monthly to keep you in the loop.

Check out content

Quality content is a cornerstone of any good SEO strategy. It’s important to understand how the firm approaches content marketing, and any good company will be happy to discuss this with you in detail. Ask them to provide some samples of content they have created so that you can feel confident that it’s of the high quality your customers would expect.

Ask about social media strategies

Nowadays, social media is an important part of any good SEO campaign. Social media platforms such as Facebook provide you with a huge amount of exposure to potential customers and should be used to the maximum. It’s important to understand that social media sites are given preference when it comes to search engine rankings. So, even if your website doesn’t rank highly in search results, if your social media page does it will direct important traffic to your business.

Make sure the company uses quality backlinks

When a link to your website is posted on other sites, these are known as backlinks. This means that potential customers can be directed to your business when browsing other websites. It’s important that these are of high quality, which means that they should be posted on websites that are held in high regard. This helps you to rank more highly in search engine results and can help you to build your business. Always ask any affordable small business SEO company that you’re planning on using how they plan to build quality backlinks to your site.

Can I take care of my site’s SEO myself?

Many small business owners are tempted to save money by attempting to take care of SEO themselves. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t do your own SEO and some businesses do this successfully.

However, it takes knowledge and expertise to optimize a website in terms of SEO. If you get it wrong, this could have a negative effect on your business. You could even end up penalized or banned by search engines if you don’t comply with their guidelines. This is why it’s generally recommended to use an affordable SEO company to take care of this for you unless you have someone on your team that really knows their onions when it comes to SEO. It may even prove more cost effective as it leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business in the safe knowledge that SEO is taken care of. Using professionals is likely to yield better results in a shorter time frame than going it alone.

If you do decide to try to do SEO yourself, take plenty of time to research white hat SEO strategies and make sure that you feel fully confident in implementing them effectively.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you now understand exactly why a strong SEO strategy is important for your small business. Using the tips in this article, you’re ready to choose an affordable SEO company that can help improve your website’s visibility and take your business to the next level. Small Business SEO can help you build your brand using a range of small business SEO services to improve your online visibility and search engine rankings.

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