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How to Maximize ROI for Small Business SEO Marketing - Small Business Seo Agency
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How to Maximize ROI for Small Business SEO Marketing


If you need to know how to maximize ROI for your small business with SEO marketing, you’ve come to the right place. With the use of the internet, SEO marketing is the best way to reach the largest audience possible. On top of that, it’s also the most cost-effective way to market your small business without breaking the bank. The key is to know how to properly maximize your return on investment to bring your business into true success.

Begin By Setting Goals

The first step to maximizing your ROI is setting your company goals. You need to know what you aim to accomplish with your marketing to achieve the success you want. It’s best to pick one thing to aim for with marketing, whether it be sales, email list sign-ons, or following on social media.

Marketing more than one message in a single ad often dilutes your goal and can end up feeling like a to-do list for your customers. Imagine you were browsing online, saw something you liked, and then someone handed you a to-do list of chores. It’s a real buying mood-killer. Not only do customers not follow your calls to action, but they also leave your ad before they can be asked to dust or take out the trash. Don’t make work for your clients, provide an atmosphere of leisure and incentives.

Strategize Where to Focus Your Marketing

Before you even purchase or begin marketing of any kind, look at all of the analytics software across your platforms. Of all of the sites that you can use to reach people, which are performing the best? Which has the most traffic and the most click-through to your site? Is it your social media sites, your digital ad campaigns, or perhaps your digital mailing lists? Chose the platform that is like a crawling metropolis of your customers, not the ghost town with tumbleweeds rather than residents.

Keep in mind that the analytics for each channel may not be accurate if you haven’t been using it for very long. Make sure to give the platform a chance before deciding against using it for marketing. However, for the channels you have been using for a while, focus your marketing efforts on the ones with the best traffic, and don’t waste your time or money on the ones that don’t.

Always use Content Marketing

Content marketing can be one of the least expensive and easiest marketing tactics to maximize your return on investment. With content marketing, the bare minimum you have to do is post high-quality content to your business blog on a regular schedule. That’s all. When you post great content, it’s like putting out honey for flies. When customers click to your website, they want to stay because the content is a treat to read, and there’s so much of it. Make sure to include a subtle call to action or a small push towards a product in your posts.

– Quick Tip: A great way to increase ROI on your content is to write posts comparing your products or services to one another. Other buying-guide formats that work are problem-solution type posts. Helping your customers narrow down which product is right for them leads to higher ROI.

Posting once a month is the least amount of work you can do and still receive a return on investment if your content is quality, and SEO optimized. However, posting more often will lead to more high-quality content, and therefore a higher ranking and more click through. More click through in turn leads to more purchases and higher ROI. If you choose to write your own content, the cost of this marketing tactic is very little.

Along with posting high-quality content to your blog, you should be promoting these posts across your chosen social media platforms, as well as posting on social media on a regular basis. Having a high like ability on your social media platforms boosts your ranking on Google. Once again, content marketing on your social media doesn’t have to be expensive either, making it another easy way to maximize your ROI.

Implement Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is a tactic wherein your marketing messages can be seen across many different kinds of platforms, and the message and images all stay relatively the same to form a strong branding experience. After people view your ads a few times, they know that it’s your company due to logos, wording, slogans, and the general aesthetic of the advertisement. At this point, people recognize and ‘know’ your brand.

Your return on investment can be maximized with integrated marketing because it’s the best way to saturate the market with the image and idea of your brand. Potential customers begin to know, recognize, and trust your brand without even buying it. It’s a lot like seeing a stranger every day. You get used to what clothes they wear, and how they look and talk. As time goes on, since you know what to expect of them, you begin to trust them and they’re no longer a stranger. Just like this example, people are more likely to buy something from someone they know and trust than a stranger.

Create Lifetime Customers

A lifetime customer is the ultimate return on investment. At this point, you’ve won this customers loyalty and trust. Lifetime customers see a returning need for your products or services and come back to purchase annually or more often. One-time customers don’t provide very much for your ROI, but your lifetime customers end up providing a steady yearly or monthly revenue to the business.

Revenue isn’t the only thing that’s improved. Customers who enjoy your product enough to buy it more than once will also tell others about your product. You end up receiving free marketing and new customers via lifetime customer’s friends, family, and social media followers. This type of customer is vital to your business’s success and the ultimate ROI.

Using Targeted Ads

By using Google Analytics or other analytic tools, you can get a great view of who your customer base is composed of. If you’ve been marketing too broadly, you may have alienated a group, or even the main group, of your customers. If needed, use the information you find to reconstruct your advertisements to reach out to specific groups of your clientele.

It’s always a good idea to have a mailing list for your business to achieve more direct contact with your customers. Remember that having your clients emails is a privilege that they can take away, so don’t spam their inbox. If you’re selling a digit training course and you have the emails of those who have purchased, you can cross-reference this list with your weekly mailing list. Once you’ve removed everyone who has made the purchase already, you’re left with the people who liked what they saw enough to sign up for your mailing list but haven’t made the purchase yet. Send targeting advertisements to them via email and social media to increase your sales. Remember again: don’t be spammy. People like to be reminded, not harassed.

Utilize the Automation Features You May Already Have

Many hosting websites, social media sites, and other services you may use offer functions that help you to save time and therefore save money. WordPress users already pay a hosting fee, but some may not know that WordPress offers a feature that lets users schedule blog posts for publishing. By allowing the system to take care of this, you can bulk upload and schedule posts a month or more out, and save time and money by doing so. It’s a good idea to check with your social media sites — and any other services you manually use to send out information — to see if they also allow scheduling ahead of time as well.

Track Your Marketing Efforts and Adapt

Marketing efforts aren’t a set it and forget it task. You need to keep a careful watch on each marketing strategy to see what is paying off, what needs to be adjusted, and what you can scrap next quarter. Any tactics that aren’t working need to hit the chopping block as soon as possible so the money can be re purposed into new efforts, or used to bulk up the marketing strategies that are working. Once again, the free Google Analytics tool is your friend on this one. Many social media sites also offer built-in analytics to business accounts. Through tracking your efforts with analytic software, you can adapt to use the best marketing tactics, and save money by stopping ads that aren’t working.

Maximize Your ROI

By learning how to maximize your ROI, you can save money, achieve success in your business goals, and increase your revenue. Take the time to set business goals and strategize where to place your marketing funds. Release high-quality content to keep people on your site and guide them toward a product that they will find useful. Through knowing your customer base and creating high-quality products, you can gain lifetime customers that increase your revenue and market your company for you. With this recipe for success, now it’s up to you to put it into practice.

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