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How Can I Find Affordable SEO Services For My Small Business in 2019? - Small Business Seo Agency
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How Can I Find Affordable SEO Services For My Small Business in 2019?


In today’s competitive online market, getting a small business to grow can be challenging. Unfortunately, many simply don’t survive in the long term. For this reason, many online business owners want to find affordable seo services to generate growth as quickly as possible. However, they quite rightly do not want these services to cost the earth.

Investing in high-quality SEO is a sensible and cost-effective way to generate revenue and grow a small online business. Most businesses nowadays have already embraced SEO as a vital part of their online marketing strategy. This can put new start-ups at a disadvantage as they have to start from scratch.

Of course, it is possible for businesses to handle their own SEO in-house to save money. However, unless you are lucky enough to have an SEO expert as part of your existing team, this can be an uphill struggle. Learning how to design and implement a great SEO strategy takes a lot of time and energy without necessarily achieving the best outcomes. For this reason, many online businesses spend huge amounts of time attempting to manage their own SEO only to be disappointed with the results. For this reason, we recommend using an expert company like Small Business SEO Services to make sure your site’s SEO is top-notch.

So, why is SEO so important, and how do you find affordable SEO services for your small business in 2018?

What is SEO?

The first question many people ask us is: what exactly is SEO? Before you decide to devote your budget to SEO services, it’s important to understand what SEO is and how it can benefit your business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This term refers to a variety of seo strategies used to improve a site’s ranking for particular keyword searches in search engine results lists. This is important if you want your business to be visible. Appearing high in a list of search results means that you’ll gain more meaningful traffic to your site form people who are already looking for the service you provide.

SEO also optimizes social media sharing to help raise the online reputation of your business and brand awareness amongst your customers. Although an awesome social media presence won’t improve your search rankings directly, it works indirectly by directing higher amounts of traffic from potential customers to your site.

When it comes to surviving and thriving in a competitive online market, really great SEO is a must for any business operating through a website. However, many businesses only have limited budgets when it comes to web design. So, how do you go about finding the best low-cost SEO services?

1. Determine your budget for SEO services

It’s important to know how much you can afford to spend before you make a decision on which SEO company for small businesses you want to use. This can be a confusing process as there is no standardization for the cost of SEO packages. Ideally, you need to think carefully about your business goals and what you need from an SEO package.
Although you should never make a financial outlay that you can’t afford, it’s usually worth spending a little more to get a quality service. You’ll always find companies willing to create SEO campaigns for small businesses for rock-bottom prices. However, they tend to use Black Hat SEO methods to get quick results. While this will very quickly move your site up the search results rankings, Black Hat SEO will eventually incur penalties from Google and hurt or even destroy your business in the long-term.

However, it’s important to remember that many SEO services companies will try to persuade you to pay more than you had intended by convincing you that you need their most expensive package. If you’re a small business, you may only need reasonably basic local SEO services to see the results you want. It’s a good idea to try and find a company that makes a point of never pressuring their clients to buy services they don’t really need.

2. Choose between a freelancer or an agency

A common question when it comes to choosing the best SEO services for small online businesses is whether to use the services of an agency or work with a freelancer. This really comes down to a combination of personal choice, budget and how much of a risk you’re willing to take.

It goes without saying that using services from a company is most likely to be more expensive than using a freelancer. However, using a freelancer can be a big risk unless you’re highly familiar with their work and have plenty of evidence that they are professional and trustworthy. There are plenty of dodgy SEO service providers out there, both as companies and as freelancers. However, it’s generally easier to vet SEO companies from the information available about them online.

3. Check out online reviews and testimonials

One major advantage of the online era is that it’s quick and easy to find out about the experiences of other customers just like you. Using review sites like Yelp to check out potential SEO service providers is a good way to ensure that you’ll be working with a company with a great level of service.

SEO companies that deliver great results on time are a godsend and usually garner glowing reviews. If you find that people are leaving disgruntled reviews and are unhappy with the services they received, this is a big red flag, even if their sales patter is super-slick. Be particularly wary if reviews mention missed deadlines, Google penalties or ruthless up-selling of products.

4. Ask the right questions

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to check that you and the prospective company are on the same page. It’s vital that you explain to your advisor in very clear terms what your goals are and what you are expecting from them as a company. However, there are some important questions that you should ask before committing to any SEO services package.

What strategies will you use to improve my search rankings?

It’s important to find out what types of strategies the company will be using. It’s best to look for companies that use White Hat SEO methods only. Although it will take longer to see results, White Hat SEO is the best way to build long-term online visibility.

How will you optimize social media on my site?

Clever use of social media is important for SEO because it helps to guide high-quality traffic to your site. A good SEO strategy will involve encouraging sharing via social media, for example by placing widgets strategically throughout the site.

How will you adapt your strategy to suit my business?

SEO services aren’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll want to know that any company you hire will take into account the unique needs and goals of your business within the context of your industry. Although it’s an advantage, experience of working with clients in your industry isn’t an absolute must. However, you’ll want to know that the company will take time to get to know your business and the niche in which you operate to deliver the best strategy for you.

How long will it take to see positive results?

If you’re working with a reputable company, they’ll use SEO strategies that help to build your business in the long-term without ultimately hurting your online visibility. For this reason, it’s reasonable for it to take time to see meaningful results. If your site isn’t in great shape in terms of design, expect things to take longer. However, an experienced company will be able to give you a clear timeframe for when results can be expected.

How will we measure success?

It’s important to be clear on what success looks like for you and check that the company’s vision matches up to yours. You should also find out how and how often they will feedback on progress to you. Most good SEO service providers for small businesses will have a clear schedule for providing feedback and offer regular progress meetings as part of their service.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you now understand just why SEO is so vital for existing and new online small businesses and how to go about finding the best SEO company for your budget and needs.

At Small Business SEO Services, we lead the pack when it comes to providing outstanding SEO services that are budget-friendly. Our excellent customer service and regular progress feedback make us one of the top SEO companies for small business owners. For added peace of mind, you’re never tied into any hidden contract with us and we will never try to sell you services that you don’t need. Get in touch today to find out how we can optimize your site’s SEO to safeguard your business’ growth and profitability for today, tomorrow and the future.

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